About Us

We are your favourite store.

Which products do I offer my customers? High Quality Cleaning Products and also Milky Pops.

Kindly find herewith some information about myself and my products.

I am the type of person that believes that you can get good quality products at an affordable price. I believe that we always have choices but do not always look at the opportunity to make the choice. It just needs some looking around…

But I also believe in helping my community and are involved in some community projects. I love to give back when possible.

However, the life of a Mom or Wife or female climbing the corporate ladder is so hectic that you tend to take the 1st product you see on the shelf because there is no time to look further. I know… I am a Mom and are working full time as well… and not even in my home town.

My aim is to give you that opportunity to buy high quality products by searching, selecting, clicking and buying from my page. No hassle, no running around. For a minimum fee I deliver to your door.

Spend some more time with your family and have that one quiet cup of coffee you long for the whole day while working. Even a glass of wine will do…

I buy my products directly from the factory which were friendly enough to allow me a business opportunity. By cutting out the supplier in the process it means I can carry my saving over to you as my customer. The result is affordable prices.

The products complies with both national & international standard because a Quality Management System has been implemented which is in accordance with ISO 9001.

These products ARE NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS and ARE BIO-DEGRADABLE to ensure that no harm is done to the environment.